Verbal Review for the SAT®

Verbal Review for the SAT®

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By The Editors of REA
Print Edition $14.95

  • Pages: 384
  • Publication Date: September 2005
  • ISBN: 978-0-7386-0085-7

Maximize Your SAT® Score with REA's Verbal Review for the SAT®

REA's test prep gives you a comprehensive analysis of the SAT®'s short essay, critical reading, and multiple choice questions. Learn the ins and outs of writing an essay, proofreading, mastering usage and sentence correction, and more.

More than 200 reading and writing drills help you build your English language skills, so you can get a great SAT® score. Two appendices contain key prefixes, roots, suffixes, and essential vocabulary words you need to know for test day.

This test prep is a must for any high school student who needs help with the verbal portion of the SAT®!