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AP® U.S. History All Access Book + Online + Mobile

AP® U.S. History All Access Book + Online + Mobile

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By Gregory Feldmeth, Christine Custred
Print Edition $22.95

  • Pages: 612
  • Publication Date: January 2015
  • ISBN: 978-0-7386-1172-3

All Access for the AP® U.S. History Exam
Book + Web + Mobile

Completely Revised for the 2015 Exam

Everything you need to prepare for the Advanced Placement® exam, in a study system built around you!

There are many different ways to prepare for an Advanced Placement® exam. What's best for you depends on how much time you have to study and how comfortable you are with the subject matter. To score your highest, you need a system that can be customized to fit you: your schedule, your learning style, and your current level of knowledge.

This book, and the online tools that come with it, will help you personalize your AP® U.S. History prep by testing your understanding, pinpointing your weaknesses, and delivering flashcard study materials unique to you.

REA's All Access system allows you to create a personalized study plan through three simple steps.
Here's how it works:

Review the Book:
Study the topics tested on the new AP® U.S. History exam and learn proven strategies that will help you tackle any question you may see on test day.

Test Yourself and Get Feedback:
As you review the book, test yourself with 9 end-of-chapter quizzes and 2 mini-tests. Score reports from your online tests and quizzes give you a fast way to pinpoint what you really know and what you should spend more time studying.

Improve Your Score:
Armed with your score reports, you can personalize your study plan. Review the parts of the book where you are weakest, and use the REA Study Center to create your own unique e-flashcards, adding to the 100 free cards included with the book.

Visit The REA Study Center for a suite of online tools:
The best way to personalize your study plan is to get feedback on what you know and what you don't. At the online REA Study Center, you can access three types of assessment: topic-level quizzes, mini-tests, and a full-length practice test. Each of these tools provides true-to-format questions and delivers a detailed score report that follows the topics set by the College Board®.

Topic Level Quizzes:
Short, 15-minute quizzes are available throughout the review and test your immediate understanding of the topics just covered.

Two online mini-tests cover what you've studied in each half of the book. These tests are like the actual AP® U.S. History exam, only shorter, and will help you evaluate your overall understanding of the subject.

2 Full-Length Practice Tests - 1 in the Book and 1 Online
After you have finished reviewing the book, take our full-length practice exams to test what you've learned. These practice tests give you the most complete picture of your strengths and weaknesses. The online exam includes the added benefits of timed testing, automatic scoring, and a detailed score report.

Improving Your Score with e-Flashcards:
With your score reports from the quizzes and tests, you'll be able to see exactly which AP® U.S. History topics you need to review. Use this information to create your own flashcards for the areas where you are weak. And, because you will create these flashcards through the REA Study Center, you'll be able to access them from any computer or smartphone.

REA's All Access test prep is a must-have for students taking the AP® U.S. History exam!

About the Author

Greg Feldmeth earned an A.B. degree from Occidental College and masters’ degrees from the University of California at Berkeley, California State University at Los Angeles, and Columbia University in New York City. He has taught U.S. history for over 40 years, while also offering courses in Contemporary Ethical Issues, Globalization and Human Rights, European History, and World History.

He is currently History Department Co-Chair and Assistant Head of School at the Polytechnic School in Pasadena, California. He also teaches an online course, Genocide and Human Rights through the Global Online Academy. Mr. Feldmeth has written or edited twelve U.S. history review books for teachers and students.

Christine Custred teaches AP® United States History and AP® World History at Edmond Memorial High School, in Edmond, Oklahoma. She holds a master’s degree in education administration (M.Ed.) and is a National Board Certified Teacher.

Ms. Custred has been a College Board® consultant since 2000, presenting at numerous College Board® institutes, including international institutes. She has been an AP® Summer Institute consultant since 2003, presenting at more than 50 summer institutes. She has developed and team-taught a combination course that bridges AP® U.S. History and AP® English Language and has co-presented at a Southwest Regional College Board® conference. She has served as a reader for both the AP® United States and AP® World History exams.