SAT Subject Test™
SAT* Subject Test™: U.S. History Flashcards with CD

SAT* Subject Test™: U.S. History Flashcards with CD

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By Mark Bach
Print Edition $14.95

  • Pages: 400
  • Publication Date: March 2010
  • ISBN: 978-0-7386-0705-4

Study Smarter with REA's Flashcard Book for the SAT Subject Test™: U.S. History

Written by a history teacher, our Premium Edition Flashcard Book gives you an effective way to study the material tested on the U.S. History SAT Subject Test™. The book contains 500 flashcards and covers all the topics tested on the exam including the Colonial Period, the American Revolution, the Civil War and Reconstruction, World War I and World War II, American Imperialism, the Cold War, and more.

Unlike most flashcards that come loose in a box, our flashcards are bound in an organized book that makes studying a breeze. Write your answer on the front of the card, then compare it to the answer on the back of the card. This concise question and answer format makes it easy to find the right answer, and we even give details explaining why the answer is correct. The index helps you find a particular era in American History and test your subject knowledge.

This Premium Edition includes four timed mini-quizzes with detailed explanations of answers, seven American History reference charts and a concise timeline of U.S. History on CD.

Perfect for self-study, classroom review, or a quick refresher before the test - this is one study tool you can't afford to be without!