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AP® U.S. History E-Flashcards: Deluxe Deck

AP® U.S. History E-Flashcards: Deluxe Deck

By Gregory Feldmeth
Digital Product $9.95

  • Publication Date: March 2012
  • ISBN: 978-0-7386-7377-6

AP® U.S. History e-Flashcards: Deluxe Deck

This deluxe deck includes 300 customizable e-flashcards for your computer, smart phone, or other mobile device.

REA's customizable AP® U.S. History e-flashcards let you personalize your prep and practice where you need it the most!

This basic flashcard deck includes:
- 300 e-flashcards based on AP® U.S. History exam topics
- Ability to create your own unique flashcards for topics where you need extra study
- Confidence-based performance tracking as you review

Easy access from any computer, smartphone, or other mobile device lets you study whenever and wherever you have spare time.

Note: After you purchase the online e-flashcards, you will receive two emails. The first will be an order confirmation, and the second will contain the access code that unlocks your e-flashcards at the REA Study Center. These will be emailed to you within a few minutes of your purchase.