High School Tutor: Problems & solutions
High School Pre-Algebra Tutor

High School Pre-Algebra Tutor

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By Joseph T. Conklin
Print Edition $16.95

  • Pages: 432
  • Publication Date: January 1997
  • ISBN: 978-0-87891-483-8

Specifically designed to meet the needs of high school students, REA’s High School Pre-Algebra Tutor presents hundreds of solved problems with step-by-step and detailed solutions. Almost any imaginable problem that might be assigned for homework or given on an exam is covered. Builds problem-solving skills and a strong foundation for studying more advanced math topics. Valuable for students who are already studying algebra but are having difficulty with the basic concepts. The following topics are covered: integers, fractions, decimals, ratio sand proportions, percents, roots and exponents, algebraic equations, inequalities, word problems, plotting graphs, and geometry. Fully indexed for locating specific problems rapidly.