ESL Grammar Intermediate & Advanced E-Flashcard Deck

ESL Grammar Intermediate & Advanced E-Flashcard Deck

Digital Product $9.95

  • Publication Date: March 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0-7386-8277-8

This flashcard deck includes 250 customizable e-flashcards for your computer, smart phone, or other mobile device.

You may purchase these ESL online flashcards separately or get them for free when you buy the print edition of ESL Grammar Intermediate & Advanced.

REA's customizable ESL Grammar Intermediate & Advanced e-flashcards let you personalize your prep and practice where you need it the most!

This flashcard deck includes:
- 250 e-flashcards based on ESL Grammar subjects
- Ability to create your own unique flashcards for topics where you need extra study
- Confidence-based performance tracking as you review

Easy access from any computer, smartphone, or other mobile device lets you study whenever and wherever you have spare time.

Note: After you purchase the online e-flashcards, you will receive two emails. The first will be an order confirmation, and the second will contain the access code that unlocks your e-flashcards at the REA Study Center. These will be emailed to you within a few minutes of your purchase.