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CLEP® History of the U.S. I Book + Online

CLEP® History of the U.S. I Book + Online

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By Editors of REA
Print Edition $34.95

  • Pages: 348
  • Publication Date: December 2012
  • ISBN: 978-0-7386-1037-5

Earn College Credit with REA’s Test Prep for CLEP History of the United States I: Early Colonization to 1877

Everything you need to pass the exam and get the college credit you deserve.

REA leads the way in helping students pass their College Board CLEP exams and earn college credit while reducing their tuition costs.

With 25+ years of experience in test prep for the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), REA is your trusted source for the most up-to-date test-aligned content. Whether you’re an adult returning to finish your degree, a traditional-age college student, a military service member, or a high school or home-schooled student looking to get a head start on college and shorten your path to graduation, CLEP is perfect for you.

REA’s expert authors know the CLEP tests inside out. And thanks to our partners at Proctortrack (proctortrack.com/clep), you can now take your exam at your convenience, from the comfort of home.
Prep for success on the CLEP History of the United States I exam with REA’s personalized three-step plan: (1) focus your study, (2) review with the book, and (3) measure your test-readiness.

Our Book + Online prep gives you all the tools you need to make the most of your study time:

  • Diagnostic exam: Pinpoint what you already know and what you need to study.
  • Targeted subject review: Learn what you’ll be tested on.
  • Two full-length practice exams: Zero in on the topics that give you trouble now so you’ll be confident and prepared on test day.
  • Glossary of key terms: Round out your prep with must-know vocabulary.
REA is America’s recognized leader in CLEP preparation. Our test prep helps you earn valuable college credit, save on tuition, and accelerate your path to a college degree.

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