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CLEP® General Exams Book + Online, 9th Ed.

CLEP® General Exams Book + Online, 9th Ed.

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By Laurie Callihan, Scott Dittloff, Stu Schwartz, Editors of REA
Print Edition $34.95

  • Pages: 888
  • Publication Date: January 2018
  • ISBN: 978-0-7386-1231-7

CLEP® General Exams Book + Online Practice Tests
Helps Students Get the College Credits They Deserve!
9th Edition

In 2017, CLEP® marks 50 years as the most widely trusted credit-by-exam program in the U.S. CLEP® exams help students fast-track their college degree, saving them time and possibly thousands in tuition costs. Perfect for adults returning to college, military service members, high school, or home-schooled students, REA’s CLEP® test preps provide students with the tools they need to pass their CLEP® exams and get the college credits they deserve.

REA’s new 9th edition of the CLEP® General Exams bundles complete test prep for the four CLEP® general exams (College Mathematics, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences & History) that satisfy typical first-year general education requirements. These are the courses for which most community and military-friendly colleges will award CLEP® credit.

About REA’s Prep:
- Complete test prep for the 4 CLEP® general exams (College Mathematics, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences & History).
- Great consumer value – only $34.95
- 4 comprehensive review sections (1 for each CLEP® exam)
- 4 online diagnostic tests (1 for each CLEP® exam)
- 8 full-length practice tests (2 for each CLEP® exam)
- Online diagnostic and practice tests feature instant scoring, timed testing, diagnostic feedback, and detailed answers

About the Author


        Edited by Patricia Van Arnum, M.S.

College Mathematics

       Stu Schwartz

       Mel Friedman, M.S.

Natural Sciences

        Laurie Ann Callihan, Ph.D.

        David Callihan, M.S.

Social Sciences & History

         Scott Dittloff, Ph.D.